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My 2 months weight gain

CAUTION: This is personal. If easily triggered, please skip this post. You might think “look, she’s complaining about weight gain that barely shows and now she’s normal size bohoo” This is about my mental health that completely ruined my goal. In Jan 2019 I decided that THIS is the summer I’m going to be the […]


That’s the first time I’ve admitted it. In front of everyone. Even my local grocery cashier commented on my huge chocholate spending. Uhm, that’s not a good sign… I can actually feel pleasure just by the thought of chocholate. And when it’s on sale (which is 99,9% of the time…) I’ll buy a bunch of […]


Hey loves! I have been getting a lot of DMs about my reason for changing from 14k account to zero followers account. So I figured it was about time to give you my explaination, 10 years later LOL.

I slowly transitioned earlier this year, mainly because of my sponsorship deals that I had at the time. Now I feel like a free bird! I never imagined that I would be SO HAPPY with my decision.

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