Hiii loves! I can’t believe this…I just treated myself with an enormous POOL! I never thought I’d be able to have a swimming pool in my backyard, but I guess I was wrong. If you wanna know all about it please watch the video I made. I promise it’s not all about me floating on […]

When you get stuck in the Rat Race

Ok, you are prob rolling your eyes already. It’s hard not to think about it when you come across daily reminders. And it is so easy to be sucked into it, letting it control your thoughts. As you know by now I have some bad habits that I’m trying to work on. Maybe I’ve been […]

My 2 months weight gain

CAUTION: This is personal. If easily triggered, please skip this post. You might think “look, she’s complaining about weight gain that barely shows and now she’s normal size bohoo” This is about my mental health that completely ruined my goal. In Jan 2019 I decided that THIS is the summer I’m going to be the […]


That’s the first time I’ve admitted it. In front of everyone. Even my local grocery cashier commented on my huge chocholate spending. Uhm, that’s not a good sign… I can actually feel pleasure just by the thought of chocholate. And when it’s on sale (which is 99,9% of the time…) I’ll buy a bunch of […]

Why I removed my breast implants.

It is time foooor another Youtube video! And it is the video you all have been waiting for…3 years!! hahaha. At least it is better late than never. I had my last surgery in August 2016, which is starting to be a long friiiking time ago. I knew that I wanted to wait to make […]

How I transformed it into THIS

Hi loves! Are you like me, who are curious to know how blogers always seem to catch the perfect sunset lightning for their pictures? I’m here to spill the beans. It is actually so easy to do in Photoshop! Or well, I just learned how to do it so don’t get mad at me for […]

This place does NOT exist

Hi loves! If you follow me on Instagram, you just saw that I checked into Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Uhm well at least that’s what is tagged in my recent photo. But as you probably already guessed, this photograph is not real. Maybe it was quite obvious that it was created in a fantasy world, […]

You’ll never go wrong with Homemade

Hi Loves! Whoa, this day has been amazing so far. So many heartwarming comments about my new blog. Thank you SO MUCH for taking your time to scroll through my life and sharing your thoughts with me. Today I want to compliment my talented mom who made this beautiful sweater from scratch. It was my […]


Hey loves! I have been getting a lot of DMs about my reason for changing from 14k account to zero followers account. So I figured it was about time to give you my explaination, 10 years later LOL.

I slowly transitioned earlier this year, mainly because of my sponsorship deals that I had at the time. Now I feel like a free bird! I never imagined that I would be SO HAPPY with my decision.


HEY! I’m returning to my comfortzone: YouTube!!! Soo excited to be back. This time around I will be more in front of the camera and less hiding behind the keyboard. If you like this video, please don’t forget to hit the Subsribe button to be notified every time I post a new video.

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