How I transformed it into THIS


How I transformed it into THIS

Hi loves!

Are you like me, who are curious to know how blogers always seem to catch the perfect sunset lightning for their pictures?

I’m here to spill the beans. It is actually so easy to do in Photoshop! Or well, I just learned how to do it so don’t get mad at me for some of my mistakes ?

TIP #1:
Watch some Youtube toturials. I used to think that I knew everything #independentwomenyazz but I soon realized that I’m not as experienced as I thought, haha. All I needed in my life was this guy: WATCH HERE.
So big thanks to him for giving me some inspiration to get better in Photoshop.

TIP #2:
Most people don’t realize that applying a random Google picture might get your ass in trouble. The photograpgher could send you an invoice for using his/her photo. Believe it or not, some photograhers do this alot as a way to earn some extra cash…so don’t be all «it will never happen to me». It is considered as stealing. The legal way to go around it is to actually purchase stock photos. I get all of my photos from
Loooove that website!

TIP #3:
When editing, make sure to go through all of the edges. The more precise you are, the better result you get. And don’t forget to be creative. Adding shadows at the right places will make the edit SO MUCH better. Editing require patience, so don’t give up because it takes some time. There is no wrong or right way to do it. Trust your gut feeling and show it to some friends for feedback.

This is my very first edit, and it took me approximately 3 hours with my 7 years old SLOW Mac (yes, I need some sympathy for my time wasted on waiting)

Which version of the edit was the most appealing to YOU?

Talk to you later,

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How I transformed it into THIS

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