This place does NOT exist


This place does NOT exist

Hi loves!

If you follow me on Instagram, you just saw that I checked into Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Uhm well at least that’s what is tagged in my recent photo. But as you probably already guessed, this photograph is not real.

Maybe it was quite obvious that it was created in a fantasy world, but not all photos on Instagram is THAT obvious. Usually, there is only a few adjustments to the photo (like replacing the sky, or adding some birds ect) but if it is edited well it is hard to spot, even by a nerdy photoshopper as myself. Lets run this test for you. Look at these two pictures of me, and guess which one you believe is photoshopped. Comment your answer in the comment section before you read further.

The answer is both are photoshopped. But it is not that obvious, right? For the first image it is used something called double exposure technique. I take my pictures the way I like the lightning on the subject, ref ME. Then I shoot one single image of the background in the correct exposure. Because when you are working with a ton of light coming through your lens, especially back light it is impossible to have it all in one single take. This kind of editing is very normal among photographers. You see it a lot in real estate business. You can always see through the windows in the rooms just how our eyes sees it. But if you try to photograph the room yourself you will soon realize that it dosen’t work.

The second image had a very over-exposed background. Even though the sky was blue that day, it didn’t show in the pictures. So I erased the whole sky and I replaced it with a smooth Google stock image with some nice clouds as well. This practice is common for experienced bloggers. I always wondered HOW they could capture each sunset within the 10 freaking minutes you get before it is over, haha. But I guess I was a bit too naive.

Lets go back to this photo. I had an idea that I pitched to my friend Suri. I’ve always wanted one of those fantasy skyline pictures that some IG babes ALWAYS manage to get. So I got one made for me. I was left stunned when I first received this photo. This place actually looks amazing. I still can’t believe how much freedom you have when you are a skilled photoshopper. Dang.

Cassiesamji inspired me to let go of my fear of editing. I don’t like to think that “oh well, I will fix it in post” NO. I NEED to make sure that I LOVE the photo before any editing is done. The way I used to edit was just fairly small adjustments like brightness. But now I really want to understand how she does it. Her edits almost looks like “realistic” drawings. She is so talented and one of my favourite Insta-blogers ♡

I know that a lot of people think it is bad to speak good about fabricating the truth. But I think that what people are missing is that Instagram is a plattform for art. This is a modern type of art. Each profile express their kind of style and their view of life. I don’t think it is wrong to go a little crazy with editing BUT I do think it is important to address it. My wish is that blogers who DO edit their pictures should be more open about it. That’s why I dedicate an entire post about this, simply to spread awareness of how much editing is going on in the social media world. I used to be bummed out about the fact that I don’t have access to travel the world and capture those insane images as some blogers do. But I’ve realized that this is all in our heads. You don’t have to do all that stuff to get amazing content. And most of it is not even how it really looked. So it is all up to YOU how to want to express your art. Don’t be discouraged, look at it as YOU CAN DO IT TOO! ♡

I really enjoy this kind of art. It makes everything in your imagination come true! If you like it as much as I do, please go and check out @SURICTS. That’s the girl behind my Instagram edit. I’m obsessed with her feed ♡

What do you think about Instagram edits?

Talk to you later,

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This place does NOT exist

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