Why I removed my breast implants.


Why I removed my breast implants.

It is time foooor another Youtube video! And it is the video you all have been waiting for…3 years!! hahaha. At least it is better late than never.

I had my last surgery in August 2016, which is starting to be a long friiiking time ago. I knew that I wanted to wait to make this video due to the fact that my body needed a good recovery. Or else I wouldn’t be able to speak about my longterm result!

Oh where do I start…I got my breast done when I was 19. I was easily influenced and made up my own logics to why it would remove my insecurities. Boiii I was wrong. I ended up with hating how it looked. Not only the fakeness to it, but how it would split in half whenever I raised my hands. There is no guarantee that the surgery will be flawless. And once you’ve started, there is a big risk of a continuation of surgeries in the future due to health related issues. So it is a big decision to make!

Was it worth it to me? I’m 25 now, turning 26 soon. The moment I had my second surgery I knew that this was not for me. Even though I was lucky enough to not experience the breast implants illness, I still had some pain in my chest whenever I worked out. I hated my breast to a point that I felt like I was trapped in a pornstar’s body.

3 years has gone by since I removed my implants for good. My only regret is WHY I would put myself through the risk of my health over a stupid surgery that was not needed in the first place.

If you would like to listen to my whole story, please watch the video below ♡

Thank you for watching! I’ll see you soon. XX

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Why I removed my breast implants.

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