You’ll never go wrong with Homemade


You’ll never go wrong with Homemade

Hi Loves!

Whoa, this day has been amazing so far. So many heartwarming comments about my new blog. Thank you SO MUCH for taking your time to scroll through my life and sharing your thoughts with me.

Today I want to compliment my talented mom who made this beautiful sweater from scratch. It was my 25th birthday present earlier this year, but I never came around to photograph it before recently. (I was too caught up with all of the puppies and their needs, haha) 

I really appreciate the hard work and love that goes into making something as stunning as this. I’m so proud to be able to own something NOBODY has in their closet. I’d guess that 99% of everything I own has been mass-produced by larger companies, and even though the clothes are cool, nothing beats customized sweater from your own mom.

What’s the best gift you have ever received?

Lots of love,

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You’ll never go wrong with Homemade

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